A Program For Successful Future Developers

Directly designed by IT industry experts, this program will help you gain the most sought after technical and functional skills! You will also have the opportunity to see everything that the IT industry means from the front line through a number of additional program activities. In just 9 months, you will be completely ready for a new job that will change everything for you.

How Does The Paragon Full Stack Work?

You don’t have to be a great mathematician or have innate talent to become a respectable programmer. All you need is a steely will, the right motivation and perseverance combined with a superbly structured curriculum such as the Paragon full stack program. In order to show yourself and the Paragon team that you have the necessary motivation and capacity to solve problems, a rigorous but fair candidate selection process has been created. Programming, however, is not for everyone.



Open Call for Applying: 28th September 2022 

The registration process is done exclusively through this website. It consists of a field of basic information, interesting questions that will give the Paragon team a greater insight into your motivation, and a few logical tasks. Registration is complete the moment you verify the e-mail address and go to the welcome window in the registration form.



Start date: 31st October 2022 

After successful registration, you will receive a call for the Konekt phase, which starts the week before the Arena. During the Konekt phase, you will get acquainted with the basic IT concepts crucial for the Arena phase, and participate in interesting and informative online presentations of the Paragon team. Through them, you will meet the program mentors, see how the program platform works, get an insight into the next steps and much more!



Start date: 7th November – 25th November 2022 

The Arena is a selection phase through which all candidates who have certain predispositions and capacity to become successful developers will clearly stand out. This phase lasts 3 weeks and requires an average of 170 hours of work to complete successfully. Through the Arena you test your limits and master the fundamentals of programming to be ready to enter the Paragon full stack program.

The arena consists of 15 smaller tasks and 3 larger weekend projects. One assignment is given every morning at 8:30 am and must be submitted by 11:00 am the next morning. Each task is graded automatically, and you get a bug report right away to learn from. The better you do them, the better your chances of getting to Paragon and eventually becoming a top developer. Throughout the Arena, you are accompanied by mentors who are available to all participants in a certain capacity.

Show the Arena Scheme

Arena Scheme


Paragon Full Stack Program

Start date: 12th December 2022

100 candidates who show the greatest capacity through the Arena, have the opportunity to enter the most modern educational program – Paragon full stack. In Paragon, tasks grow into projects that are more flexible, realistic and interesting, and can also be done as a team. Access to mentors is much greater. Technical working conditions are gaining a new dimension. Numerous thematic events and discussions with industry experts await you, and at the end of the program, for the best participants, direct job interviews with one or more IT employers are guaranteed.

After 9 months of successfully mastering the program, you will be completely ready to work in the IT industry as a full stack web programmer. You will possess the most sought-after technical and functional skills that open doors for you in the IT industry and enable lightning-fast progress.

To complete the Paragon full stack and realize all the benefits that the program offers, you need to dedicate an average of 1600 hours of work. If you dedicate more than the average time to researching and completing Paragon projects, the program can be completed earlier, but not less than 6 months.

What awaits you after the program

What Makes This Program Different?

The job of a full stack web developer is very demanding and requires great dedication and continuous improvement. The Paragon full stack program prepares you for such a career in the right way from day one – designed and supported directly by the IT industry. No other program in the region is like this.

The most modern curriculum in the region

Compiled by IT experts, the Paragon curriculum follows the concepts of today’s most modern technologies.
The entire curriculum is divided into precisely defined tasks that resemble the real ones that will await you in any IT company tomorrow.
By solving tasks, you gradually and completely enter the world of programming.

Specialized online platform for work

Throughout the program, you get tasks through a specialized Paragon platform. In addition to detailed work instructions and an easy way to submit completed tasks, this platform also has a discussion forum, a space for personal notes and a calendar that gives you a great overview of your progress.

Unlimited access to Paragon mentors

In order to overcome the blockades and solve problems that you did not succeed on your own or with colleagues from the program, industry experts who work for a successful BiH IT company – Mistral are at your disposal. In the role of Paragon mentor, their task is to do everything to help you come up with a solution on your own!

Mimicry of the actual IT environment and projects

Everything that developers encounter every day in the workplace, you will have the opportunity to experience from the very beginning of the program. Projects, technologies, coping, consultations with colleagues, the whole Paragon concept is made so that from the first day of employment in the IT industry you feel at home.

100% pure coding and 100% flexibility

As a programmer, your tasks at work will have certain fair deadlines and will be exclusively related to coding. In Paragon, coding starts from the first day and does not stop until the last, and as part of the fair deadlines for submitting tasks, you can arrange your time however you want. Where and how much you work is absolutely up to you.

Continuous and precise insight into personal progress

The key to any real success is timely and frequent insight into personal progress. Working without feedback or guidance for the future results in unproductivity, stagnation and low motivation. To avoid this, you will have clear and detailed feedback throughout the program and for each task.

No classic classrooms and teachers

Many years of experience clearly show that the fastest and the best way to learn programming is through intensive independent work on practical tasks, with occasional consultations with colleagues and accompanied by professional mentors. Anyone from the IT industry can confirm to you that real programming is learned independently and late into the night!

Focus on independent research and learning

The most valuable knowledge you have gained so far is the one that camed from independent research and practical work. The entire Paragon full stack program relies on just such a principle of skill acquisition. When you master something on your own, it stays for all time. Your success in the IT world depends only on your perseverance.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer?

Acquiring the title of full-stack web developer is the main promise of the Paragon full stack program. First of all, this is one of the most sought after and respected professions on the market. A full stack indicates that a web developer knows the full range of technologies and skills needed to make a complete web application. A full stack involves two different phases: front-end and back-end.

Front end

This term refers to a set of technologies used to build the visible part of web applications, within which users interact.

Back end

This group of technologies is used to create background application processes and to establish communication with databases.


A standardized language used to define the structure of texts, media and embedded objects within web pages and e-mails.


CSS is used to define the styles that determine the appearance of HTML elements (font, colors, backgrounds, etc.). Most of the visuals that make a page beautiful are done in CSS.

JavaScript (JS)

The most popular programming language for creating web applications. Without it, the world of the web cannot be imagined, and its popularity and ways of applying are only growing.


React is the most popular JS library developed by Facebook. Used to create user interfaces (what the user sees). Instagram is one of the most famous major apps made using this library.


Node.js was written initially by Ryan Dahl in 2009, and it is designed to build scalable network applications. Built on JavaScript, which is traditionally a frontend, Node.js extends the capabilities of JavaScript to run on the backend.


MongoDB is a NoSQL (not just SQL) document-based database that stores data in JSON-like documents. It is structured in such a way that it enables easy and fast organization, storage, retrieval, modification, deletion and processing of data.

Skills That Make a Difference

In addition to a rich portfolio of projects and enviable technical skills, the Paragon full stack program will help you develop very important functional skills. They make a significant difference between highly successful and average developers. You will be fully prepared for success in a dynamic IT industry.

Research skills

Each task during the program will require a lot of research and self-finding answers, so you will learn to search the Internet like never before. This is a crucial skill that will help you limit inquiries towards teammates tomorrow and stand out as a capable and independent professional.

Critical observation

In the sea of information and different solutions, it is extremely important to be able to identify the ones that best fit your overall project. In order to do that, you have to approach every piece of information or solution offered with a dose of skepticism. As you progress, this process will be shorter and better.

Logical thinking

When you choose a solution offered online, your ability to make logical judgments about how and why that particular solution fits best into your project comes to the fore. Although at first you thought it was great, you come to the stage where you have to look at it as a whole and judge whether you will have problems with it later. In the IT world, everything is connected and interdependent.

Creative problem solving

There is no one best answer or solution to some problems. The ability to create a unique solution, or make a combination of found solutions, is something that will make you an irreplaceable and extremely important member of any team. This skill is crucial in all aspects of professional life.

Organization and prioritization

Even after a long series of years spent in the business world, a large percentage of professionals have a problem with organization and prioritization. Due to the amount of work that awaits you in Paragon and the system in which you receive tasks systematically, you will learn to organize yourself without undue effort. This skill will make you a true professional.

Coping with the unknown

In the IT industry, new technologies are introduced quite often and work tools change. Successful developers easily adapt to new conditions and in a short time master everything that is needed to do the job. Through Paragon, situations like this will be your daily routine so you will be ready for anything.

What do you need to get started?

Strong desire, will and motivation

Basic knowledge of English

Personal computer

Internet access

PARAGON PROJECTS – What will you learn?

As a full stack web developer you will be able to make all kinds of web applications. From social networks, web games and applications like Trello, HubSpot, Amazon, Olx, to simple sites and portals that you visit every day. Here are just a few examples of web applications you will develop during Paragon:

Social Network and chess

Your task here will be to create a small Facebook or Twitter. This task is divided into several smaller projects due to its complexity, but you will eventually have a social network that you have created yourself that allows users to play chess, among other things!

News and weather portal

The main goal of this project is to learn how to connect to external sources of information and how to embed them on your website. You will create a serious portal that will update automatically and contain advertising space.

Online store

This project will help you create your own personal Amazon. First you will create a library with books and authors, and then a virtual store where potential buyers will be able to search for items, put them in the cart, make wish lists and finally make a purchase.

Comment Analysis Program

This is a project that will aim to collect comments from social networks, portals and forums using keywords provided by users of your website. After that, your application will be able to provide answers to a variety of questions!

Jamb & Iks Oks

The game Jamb is quite simple and you will develop it to be suitable for two players who will be connected to social networks, while X-O is a bit more complex. Here you will create a strategic algorithm according to which the computer or your application will always win.

Master Mind

Master Mind is an important project that will teach you to create an algorithm based on functional specifications. In this game there are 6 sticks of different colors of which the first player makes a secret combination of 4 sticks, and the second player gets a mission to guess which one it is!

What Does Paragon Promise?

A direct path to work in the real IT industry

You will already meet many representatives of IT companies during the program, get an insight into their daily lives, responsibilities and ways of working. All participants who successfully complete the program get a direct chance to join these experts and become part of their team!

Full readiness to work from the first day of employment

With the technical and functional skills acquired during the program, you will be ready to progress at a lightning pace. In no other industry can you progress as quickly as possible on the basis of demonstrated skills as you can in the IT industry. The best achieve salary growth of up to 50% after 6 months of work.

Are you ready to do your best?

Every success starts with the first step in the right direction.