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With a whole new concept of learning, the IT industry wants to provide you with the best chance of a successful IT career. Using a learning system that is hands-on from day zero, seniors of the industry have developed an all-encompassing program that guarantees the title of full stack web developer in just 9 months!

Created by Seniors for Future Developers

Paragon was created as a response of the IT industry to the market’s need for quality online education for all beginners. Created by experienced developers, this hands-on program will give everyone the same starting points and the best chance to master the essential skills needed in the IT industry. Become a full stack web developer in 9 months!


open positions in the IT industry is unfilled due to lack of professional IT staff.


percentage of required growth in the number of IT graduates to meet the needs of the industry.


recorded growth in employment in the IT sector for the period 2012/2019.

*Data provided by analysis of the IT industry in BiH, October 2020 (BIT Alliance and UNDP)

Paragon is an absolute INNOVATION
in the EdTech world


The new program for beginners, created by the seniors of the IT industry, provides you with the opportunity of becoming a full stack web developer.

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9 months

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from day zero

100% coding

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Is Paragon an option for you?

Are you looking for a better working environment?
You can see yourself in the IT industry, but don’t really have the time for formal IT education?
Want to become a programmer, but not sure where to start?
Short IT courses did not give you desired results?

Top-notch program for ambitious and motivated people!

Regardless of your previous experience, if your answer to any of these questions is YES – we warmly invite you to apply for the program! Paragon will fundamentally change all beginners with serious intentions and launch them into the world of successful developers!

Industry experts about Paragon

Mersed Čamdžić

CEO of IT company Mistral

“Nearly 200 experts working at Mistral have been selected solely on the basis of the experience we see through completed projects in the portfolio and the skills that these projects imply. The decisive factor in employment is their attitude towards work. It is very important for us to gather people who are dedicated, hardworking and motivated. Without silence, there is no success for either the company or them.”

Sulejman Ćatibušić

Professor at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, IT expert with 30 years of experience, one of the creators of the program

“Decades of IT experience have been transferred to this program in order to provide us with new concepts already celebrated in Paris, Amsterdam and San Francisco. I know from experience that a large number of excellent programmers do not have a degree in classical education and that this is not an obstacle for them. The system that led them to success faster is exactly the system that accompanies this program.”

Jasmin Azemović

Former dean of the Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar, IT expert with 25 years of experience

“I have always advocated the concept of greater representation of the practical component in the education system with a focus on the latest technologies. The methodological framework used by Paragon has significantly accelerated the path of anyone who wants to enter the IT industry and start a successful career. Such a system of education did not exist in my time, everything depended on my own initiative. I am of the opinion that this is a strategic benefit that is now available to new generations of future IT professionals.”

Dinka Majanović

IT Sector Leader – MarketMakers

“A program that gives an opportunity for success to all who have ambitions and are willing to learn and develop, regardless of previous experience, is really a refreshment of innovations that this country needs, especially because it includes significant mentoring support! Given the incredible success of similar programs in San Francisco and Paris, I am excited to see the changes that Paragon is sure to create in a market that requires quality developers.”

Dino Selimbašić

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mistral company

“It is common knowledge that the education system, globally, fails to keep up with the development of technologies. In the last 15+ years of being active in the IT world, countless technologies have come and gone, and the education system has remained almost unchanged. At technical job interviews, I regularly meet young people who, despite graduating from college, are not ready enough to work in industry. Knowing the team that created Paragon, a program that aims to build a competitive developer in just 9 months from a beginner, I can say for sure that I am looking forward to the interviews I will be doing at this time next year! ”

Tatjana Vučić

CEO – Bit Alliance

“Bit Alliance, as an association of the strongest IT players in BiH, definitely supports Mistral and all our member companies that will unite PARAGON as a new educational ideology, preparing for the future those who want to be part of the IT world regardless of previous knowledge and experience. We believe that Paragon will contribute to solving the main problem of the IT industry – the constant lack of qualified human resources, which will ultimately increase the use of the potential of this industry, and thus a positive impact on the entire economy.”

Students’ impressions of the program

Haris Aksalić

Attended 1st Cycle of Paragon, currently works in ZenDev

When I first saw the Paragon commercial, I thought it was one of a series of courses, but seeing that Mistral was behind the project, I knew it would be something new and innovative. Paragon, through his mentors, work plan and amazing colleagues, proved that is a great refreshment in our society. The selfless sharing of knowledge among colleagues and the availability of mentors at any time I would cite as the biggest advantage of this program. “

Kenan Aljiji

Attended 2nd Cycle of Paragon, currently works in Mistral

“I did not expect to be independent enough to create an application all by myself, after only six months of being in the program. Paragon gave me additional confidence and faith in myself. To tell you the truth, that was one of the most important things I got through the program”

Eldan Kahrović

Attended 1st Cycle of Paragon, currently works in Mistral

“After the selection phase of the Arena, and consultations with my friends from the IT world, I was sure Paragon would be my ticket to enter the IT world. The creators of the program – Mistral company, as well as their partners, gave me confidence in the entire program. As someone who has attended various educational programs prior to this one, I think that Paragon is at least two levels above. The technologies we learn with guidance by our mentors will prepare us for our ultimate goal – employment in one of the top IT companies.”

Jasmina Zejnilović

Attended 1st Cycle of Paragon, currently works in Mistral

“During my studies, I developed a love for programming. As the study itself was not closely related to software engineering, the desire to learn and improve in that direction remained. That is why I enrolled in Paragon, expecting it to be a springboard in the IT industry. I believe that upon completion, I will be able to find my place in the IT world as well as to further develop my career in the industry. “

Did you know?

Degree that you own is not the first thing IT companies are looking for

With practical work from day one and meticulously tailored program that mimics real working environment of the industry, your project portfolio will become extremely rich – as will your knowledge! You will learn a lot more than just developing web applications which will set you apart from the average developer. Paragon will completely (and from scratch) prepare you for everything you need in order to become a part of the most prominent industry of today.

3 steps to Paragon full stack program

A program you have never seen before has an equally unique registration and selection process. These steps are carefully designed to show you what this profession entails and reveal whether you have the necessary capacity to enter Paragon and become a successful programmer.

A process that guarantees quality

The steps are mandatory, completely free, and fun. Anyone who wants to try programming is invited to go through them, but only those who show that they are serious in their intention to change their lives and become competitors in the IT market will get to the Paragon full stack program itself. This approach ensures that those who do not have serious intentions – do not waste their time and that those who have serious intentions – get access to education that will give them the best chance of success in the IT industry.


The registration process is done exclusively through the Paragon website. During this step, you will get a better picture of the program requirements.


Konekt phase is a period of one week, prior to the Arena. This is where you receive materials to learn basic IT concepts, meet mentors, participate in online gatherings and get introduced with the platform the program is using.


Arena is a selection process for the Paragon full stack program. In this free phase, you get access to a platform with tasks that will gradually introduce you to the world of programming and prepare you for Paragon. After 3 weeks of the Arena, a maximum of 100 participants who show the greatest capacity for the profession of programmer, have the opportunity to enroll in the Paragon full stack program.

Paragon full stack program

Successful candidates who decide to continue learning programming after the Arena, have already shown that they have the necessary motivation to become top developers in 9 months, as long as the program lasts. For such candidates, the program enables them to fully master the most sought-after technical and functional skills that guarantee employment and very fast progress in the business.
Paragon means full access to mentors, work on fantastic projects individually or as a team, formal gatherings with discussions on current IT topics, informal gatherings with quizzes and much more!

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